March 09, 2007

Technology for Organizing

One of the hallmarks of being organized is using a calendar. Busy moms often ask me about web-based solutions and I just discovered one that looks like it will meet active families’ needs. Cozi Central helps manage schedules, appointments, shopping and communications at home and on the go. The screensaver feature will remind you of upcoming appointments so you don’t forget. You can send email and text messages so family members can check for schedule conflicts. An innovative feature allows you to call Cozi and have your shopping list sent to your cell phone. Set up lists for the grocery store, hardware store or clothing store and you’ll have them available at any time! The program is free and is available as a software download or in a Web version. To take a tour, visit

Organized by Marcie: Getting you organized so you have time to do what you love to do!

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