May 31, 2007

Take Money Out of the Equation

I was at a household-goods store, replacing a broken salad spinner, when I heard two shoppers talking about a bargain they had just found. One was exclaiming about the price reduction, while her friend asked her what she would use it for. “I don’t really need it, but it’s a great price!” she answered.

Does that sound familiar? We often buy things that seem like great bargains, but when we get them home, they just create clutter. The next time you are in that situation, instead of thinking about what a bargain something is, take the money out of the equation. Ask yourself if you would still buy it if it cost twice as much. Do you really have a need for it, or are you just buying it because you can?

The same exercise works for sorting and purging what you already have. People are reluctant to part with things that they (or someone else) spent a lot of money on. Take money out of the equation. Would you still keep it if hadn’t cost anything? Is it really the item you are keeping or the feelings about the money spent? If you don’t love it and don’t use it, it doesn’t matter how much it cost; it’s just taking up space.

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