August 16, 2007

You Did It!

You probably have been told to make a “To Do” list to stay focused and achieve your goals. While I agree that such lists are great organizing tools, I am going to ask you to think about a different kind of list.

You might be overwhelmed by everything you have to do, between family and work obligations, and feel like you don’t have time to do things for yourself. Instead of adding to your stress, create an “I Did” list. Make a list of three things you did today that make you feel good. Did you help someone out? Did you start a project that you have been dreading? Did you finish a task that you’ve been avoiding? Do this exercise every day and give yourself credit for what you have done. Once you realize how much you are able to do, you’ll feel better about knocking off some of those items on your “To Do” list.

Organized by Marcie: Getting you organized so you have time to do what you love to do!

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