September 25, 2007

Photo Finish

If you like to take photographs, you have a lot of opportunities to add to your collection between now and the end of the year. Digital cameras allow you to take unlimited pictures, without having to get photos developed. What do you do with all those images?

If you want to keep them in digital format, copy them to CDs. For the best protection, buy brand-name CDs that are labeled “archival.” The layer that records information is made of gold, which is more durable than a regular CD. To identify your CDs, you can print labels or write on the clear plastic inner rim. Solvents in standard markers might damage the backing on the disk, so look for non-solvent markers that are labeled for this use. Store CDs in plastic cases and handle them only by the middle hole or on the outside edge to prevent damage. You can then organize your CDs by date, event or location.

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