June 30, 2008

Messiest House Contest

On Wednesday, July 2 at 9 pm (and in reruns to come) the Style Network will reveal the winners of Clean House’s "Messiest Home in the Country" contest. The house that was chosen for the makeover belongs to a couple who have crammed it full of stuff they don’t need or use. In addition to being hoarders, the couple are not good at housekeeping and their house is falling apart around them. The house is beyond messy; it is uninhabitable.

People will see the TV show and will be horrified that anyone can live that way. Even the homeowners say they don’t know how things got as bad as they did. Anyone who continues to acquire unnecessary stuff can end up in the same situation. It is especially worrisome when it happens to people who can’t afford to pay for and take care of everything they acquire.

Without serious therapy, the couple on TV, and anyone else who has a problem with spending and accumulating, is not going to be able to change their habits. Clearing out your house and getting a new paint job is not going to solve long-standing issues. If you know someone who has these challenges and you want more information, see my previous post about hoarding and resources for working with hoarders.

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