July 07, 2008

What Do You Collect?

At different times, I have collected Avon bottles, seashells, quilts, perfume bottles, stamps, coins, teapots, Barbies and brooches. In the past few years, though, I have whittled down my collections significantly, as I realized that I didn’t need to have so many things. I decided that I would keep only the few things that I truly loved, regardless of what they cost or who gave them to me. I also told people that I am no longer collecting, because I have found that people tend to give things to you when they find out that you have a specific collection.

Lots of people have trouble letting go of things that have been given to them. If you were given something that no longer fits in your life, recognize the spirit in which the gift was given and then let it go. Life is too short to hold onto things that don’t bring you joy. Take a look at the things you have been collecting; if they are simply taking up space without making you feel good about them, it may be time to let someone else enjoy them.

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