June 15, 2009

What’s Your Goal?

In the January 2009 issue of Real Simple magazine, 72% of women said that "happiness lies in making progress toward their goals, even if they never achieve them."

I question people often about setting goals. I ask them if they really have a goal or is it just a vague idea of something they might like to do someday? A goal has parameters set around it, including how far, how much, when and where.

In their quest to improve their lives, many people say their goal is “to get organized.” That rarely happens, though, because they haven’t really set a goal. How do you know when you’ve achieved your goal?

If you really want to achieve something, set a timeline for accomplishing it and decide what it will look like when you are finished. Do you want to clear out your basement by the end of the month so you can rent it out? Do you want to sort out your paperwork by the end of the week so you can finish your taxes? Think about what you really want to do and set an agenda for success. You not only can make progress toward your goals, but you can achieve them, too.

What goal would you like to move forward?

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