September 21, 2009

Say Aaah

I’m working with a client who is experiencing significant clutter in her small home. We started out with her entryway, which opens directly into the living and dining rooms. Before our first visit she said that she didn’t want to go home and face it. Her home was functioning only as a storage unit and a place to shower and sleep. There was nothing appealing about it at all, despite the lovely furniture and beautiful accessories she has (but couldn’t see.)

After one three-hour session, we got rid of loads of paper and some things she no longer wanted, we put what she was keeping in appropriate places and rearranged the furniture to make the space more useful. She was delighted that she could see the difference in her home in such a short time.

She actually walked outside and came in the front door, just to see what it felt like. “Aaah, home.” Now she feels like she can invite people over and feel good about her home.

While we still have work to do in other areas of the apartment, the success that she achieved in working with an organizer showed her that she could reach her goal of having a serene environment to come home to.

Does your home make you smile or would you rather avoid it all costs? Click on comments, below, and tell us.

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