October 13, 2009

Is it Really a Bargain?

Yesterday was half-off day at one of my favorite thrift shops. If you think that thrift shops are already cheap and wonder why anyone would wait until everything is half off, you would be amazed at the crowds.

While it’s true that there are a lot of people facing tough economic times right now, people who would benefit from the lower prices, I question why so many people had overflowing shopping carts.

If something is inexpensive, it isn’t necessarily a great deal if you don’t need it. Because you can afford now to buy three shirts or pairs of shoes or pants, does that mean you should? People get carried away when they think something is a “bargain.” That’s why stores sell buy one, get one “free.” You’re not really getting anything free, you’re just paying half the price for two.

If you will use the second product in a reasonable amount of time, and have a system for maintaining inventory, then you’re doing well by getting it at half price. Otherwise, if it takes you a year to use up a box of cotton swabs, for instance, you may forget that you have the second box by the time you need it. In that case, you may end up buying two more boxes when you see them on sale.

What do you tend to buy too much of? Can you split the purchase with a friend? What other techniques do you use to keep from bringing too much into your house? Click on comments, below, and tell us.

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