November 23, 2009

A Thank-You Gift for You

In December Organized by Marcie will celebrate its five-year anniversary. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the company’s success.

To help celebrate this milestone, we are giving away a P-Touch portable labeler. You can enter to win by leaving a comment on the blog.

Click on Post a Comment, below, and say why you would like the labeler. The winner of the contest will be determined by random drawing and will be announced on December 14.

Organized by Marcie: Getting you organized so you have time to do what you love to do!

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  1. Marcie: Just found you using Angie's List and then found this blog. Useful info on the blog. Would love the labeler, though it would probably be another IT item that we buy in the store to fill a need, then never use!

  2. I could use the labeler in my office!

  3. JennyD7:06 PM

    I need that labeler for my garage.

  4. Anonymous10:53 PM


    I enjoy these quick bursts of information that help to keep me motivated and focused on getting organized during my busy week of stuff. Sometimes life gets in the way and I forget about my organizing goals. Like you said, "A little process is better than no progress."


  5. I am so glad that you find the information helpful, Diane. You can count on this blog to give you "quick bursts" of inspiration to keep going. Remember, organizing is a process, not a goal. Keep chipping away at it.

  6. sanadee11:46 AM

    Got your newsletter and saw the contest. I would really like to win it.

  7. AnnieB3:49 PM

    I like your blog. It would be great to have the labeler to use in my house.

  8. roxknow11:46 AM

    My kids would love to have a labeler. I hope it will help them keep their toys neater.

  9. saraduff11:48 AM

    Great gift idea! I would like to give it to my sister.

  10. For roxnow's kids and anyone else's, labels are a great way to start kids on the path to organization. They learn where things go and are encouraged to put them away.


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