April 13, 2010

Keep Nostalgia and Sentiment, Lose the Clutter

In a recent blog post, Erin Doland, of unclutterer.com, wrote about why people hang on to sentimental items to the point of their becoming clutter tinyurl.com/yhhb29g.

I have had challenges with clients who believe that everything from their past, or from a loved one who has died, represents a strong memory and that they would lose the memory without the object.

In her article, Erin suggests taking pictures of the objects or writing about them to keep the memory and then releasing the item. She also suggests limiting yourself to a predetermined amount of space as a way to limit the collection.

If, for example, you have inherited a collection of objects from your grandmother and are having trouble parting with them, keep one that you like the most and see if other family members want the rest. If you can’t give them away to people who knew her, you can donate them and know that someone who really needs them will make good use of them.

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