April 19, 2010

Medical Records

I turned 50 in December and decided to schedule a colonoscopy to celebrate. No, I’m not going to be like Katie Couric and give you all the details. I do, however, want to remind everyone how important it is to be tested for colon cancer, along with other routine medical tests.

Do you know which tests you should have? If you don’t know where you stand in regard to routine tests, ask your doctor for a list of tests that would be appropriate for your age, gender and conditions that may run in your family.

I recommend that you keep a Medical file in your file cabinet. If you have children, keep a file for each of them, as well. You can keep copies of lab tests, x-ray results, vaccination records and surgeries, if any. When you create the file, decide how long you will hold onto records. If a test result is negative, for example, you can keep the documentation to recall when you had it done and shred the paperwork when you have the test again.

If you prefer not to keep paper records, you can scan reports and file them in a Medical file on your computer. You can also keep a list in a word document or spreadsheet, with dates and procedures.

Here’s to a positive outcome – negative results.  Are you up to date on your tests?
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