August 02, 2010

Do it Your Way

When I work with clients, they often want to know how other people handle a situation or what other people do with their clutter. I always wonder why they want to know what someone else does. Is it because they’re looking for new ideas? Or is it validate what they’re already doing? Maybe it’s because people like to be like others, to fit in.

I usually say that it doesn’t matter what other people do, because their circumstances are going to be different. No one is going to have the same space, configuration, furniture, storage, items, and financial state that you do.

The best plan is to for you to think about how your stuff can work optimally for you, given the space and financial limitations you have, along with the style you like and the way you use things.

For example, I like to alphabetize. Other people might prefer to separate spices by baking and cooking or to group books or movies by type. If I didn’t alphabetize my CDs, I’d never know what I had or where a particular one was. That’s my style and it doesn’t work for everyone.

The next time you think about clearing clutter and starting over with a system, don’t worry about what other people do. What works for you? Then, just get started.

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