August 12, 2010

How Small Can You Go?

I am fascinated by small homes. There is less to take care of and you make less of an impact on the environment.  Of course, there's also less you can live with.

The EDGE, (Experimental Dwelling for a Greener Environment) is a microdwelling in Bayfield, Wisconsin. It is only 320 square feet plus two 80-square-foot sleeping lofts. On the main level are a bathroom, kitchen, living area and a small amount of storage.

Mary Louise Schumacher, a writer, spent a weekend in the tiny house and wasn't sure she would be able to live in such a small space. At the end of her stay, she mused

"In the end, this petite home asks a monumental question: What do we truly need to be happy? More than that, it suggests that it may be a lot less than we imagine."
View details, along with photos and a video at

(The photo of the house is by Dan Hoffman.)

Could you live in such a small space? What would you be the most important thing that you would have to take with you?  Click on Post a Comment, below, and tell us about it.

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