September 13, 2010

How to be a Real Cheapskate

In a recent online article called “20 Rules to Live by for Cheapskates” there were three notions that stood out for me. Consider the writers’ thoughts before you make any purchase.

Think about the real cost of what you buy. Sarah Gilbert suggests keeping in mind the environmental impact of the things you buy. She notes, "What's going to happen to it? And will this only last long enough to use a half dozen times before it ends up in the trash? Is all of this worth it? This usually keeps me from buying ... almost everything."

Don't buy what you can't use up. Jason Cochran suggests, "Don't keep subscribing to HBO if you only watch a movie a month. If you rarely haul yourself to your gym, figure out how to exercise at home. Don't splurge on a hotel room with a fantastic view if you're going to be out exploring all day. And don't buy food in bulk if you don't eat it up and it can spoil. If you spend only for the stuff you actually use, you'll be astounded how much fat can be trimmed from your budget."

Think before you buy. She recommends, "Pause before you buy anything and ask: Do I need it? Where will I put it? What happens if I do buy it? What happens if I don't?"

You don’t have to be a cheapskate to be smart about money. What’s your favorite way to save money? Click on Post a Comment, below, and tell us.

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