April 11, 2011

Video Remembrance

When I was growing up, the neighborhood kids ran in and out of each other’s houses. Most of the moms were home, so someone always knew what you were up to. Without getting into the whole “it takes a village” theory of childrearing, I have to say that I enjoyed being able to rely on other people’s mothers, in addition to my own.

I learned last week that one of those women was diagnosed with lung cancer. She already knows how I feel about her and I know how much she cares about me. I don’t want to buy her something at this point, but I do want to mark the end of a life well lived.

Coincidentally, I recently met two people who own companies that make movies out of your interviews, photos and memorabilia.

I think making a movie about someone’s life is a great way to honor the person. It allows the individual to enjoy reminiscing and it gives the family a little piece of their history to hold onto.

Would you document someone’s life? Click on Post a Comment, below, and tell us who you would honor.

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