June 28, 2011

How Jamie Lee Curtis Organizes

Photo by: Andrew Eccles
You know her as an actor and writer, but Jamie Lee Curtis is an experienced organizer as well. In the October 2010 issue of Good Housekeeping magazine, Jamie Lee talks about the systems she has created in her home, which allow her to “live more calmly and happily.”

She says that she did not design systems in order to be “maniacally going in the other room to put away something” but so that she can relax and do the things she truly enjoys.

"If the external life is super-organized, but the internal life is a mess, then everything is completely out of balance, and your life just looks good."

She has a sensible attitude about keeping things in order, too. “If you don't have the follow-through, your system is useless. You do it the first time, and then it's maintenance — like a diet.”

Thank you, Jamie Lee, for sharing your approach to organizing. You can read the entire interview here.

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