August 01, 2011

Find Your Productive Self

How do you get motivated to move your goals forward? You’re bombarded by things that seem urgent, but you don’t always get to do what’s important.  There are days when you need to filter out all the irrelevant stuff and just aim for your target.

Aby Garvey, of Simplify101, shares how going on vacation got her focused on tasks that needed to be done.
The day before leaving for Napa, I was very focused. If something came along that needed to get done but didn’t move me in the direction of pulling out of the driveway and heading to the airport, it didn’t get done. There was no debate. No second thought given. If it could wait until after the trip—it did.
Think about the last time you were preparing to be away from work. You probably had some of your most productive days. When you’re alert to a rapidly approaching deadline, you don’t waste time on insignificant tasks. While you can’t fool yourself into believing you’re going on vacation when you really aren’t, you can try some tricks that will allow you to get more done when you’re feeling overwhelmed: 
  1. Create meaningful deadlines for tasks. If you’re going to get something done, set a specific time for completion. If your boss wanted you to do something by a certain date, you’d find a way to do it. Be your own boss.
  2. Break larger tasks into steps and schedule them on your calendar. You may not be able to plan an entire event in one day, but you can make a few phone calls.
  3. Ask for help. You can trade tasks with someone who doesn’t like to do the things you’re good at. Or you might simply need someone to help you determine what needs to be done next.
Tell us what you can do to stay focused and get things done when you don’t have a trip planned. If you really are going on vacation, let us know how you zip through your most important agenda items.

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