August 29, 2011

Win the Battle with Procrastination

People who procrastinate are avoiding something that needs to be done, even though it could make their lives easier, save money or further their personal or professional goals. 

Here’s an excerpt about procrastination from The Clutter Book: When You Can’t Let Go
You might feel stuck or ashamed because you let people down when you don’t follow through.  Just because you procrastinate about doing something doesn’t mean you are lazy.  Maybe you avoid doing something because you think you aren’t capable.  You might not do it because you don’t have the right tools.  You could put something off because you have too many other things to do.  Each of these reasons is valid for you.  The objective is to figure out what is holding you back so you can get the job done.
If you are putting off doing something, think about how much it means to you.  If it doesn’t add value to your life, consider not doing it at all.  If, however, it’s something you need to do for your work, your health, your family or your happiness, start by starting.  Take a small step toward completion and continue to take small steps, keeping the project at the top of your priority list until you finish.

People often procrastinate because they think a task will take too long.  What I find is that they spend more time dreading a task than doing it.  The energy you expend putting it off is usually greater than the energy it would take to complete it.  In addition, starting projects and not completing them may increase your stress level, along with creating physical clutter.

If you believe that a task is going to take a long time, you might set it aside until you “find the time.”  Unfortunately, many projects fade away because that “found time” never materializes.  There is no later; you only have now.  If you really want to do something, you need to put it in your schedule and make it happen.  This is true of projects, errands, even self-care.

Wednesday is Fight Procrastination Day.  Would you stop putting things off if you knew they were costing you money and opportunities?  Click on Post a Comment, below, and tell us.

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