September 26, 2011

End of Year Challenge

There are just over 90 days left of 2011. 

Did you have big plans for this year?  Did you make them happen?

If you haven’t met your goals for the year, grab a notebook and your calendar. In the notebook write down every single thing you want to do.  Skydiving? Learning French? Tap dancing? Finishing a project you started? Don’t worry about how much time it will take or how much it will cost or whether it sounds foolish. Dream big.

After you capture all the things you’d like to do, choose one that you can focus on now.  Decide how much time and money you are willing to commit to making it a reality. 

Once you choose your idea, list all the steps you need to get started.  See if you can accomplish your goal without filling your life with lots of new stuff.  Do you really need to buy gear or can you borrow or rent first?  You might have to make some compromises or partner with someone else to help start you off.

Finally, create an action for each step and put them on your calendar.  Commit to your plan by spending a set time each week moving your goal forward.

Let go of the things that drag you down and create a plan to make your dreams a reality now.  What can you do now that will make you look back and say that 2011 was a great year for you? Click on Post a Comment, below, and tell us.

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