October 24, 2011

Let Go of Perfection - Avoid Depression

According to research conducted recently by the University of Washington, women who buy into the “supermom” myth could have a greater risk for depression. 

The women were asked about their views on work-life balance when they were younger, before they had children; they were tested for symptoms of depression when they were 40. 
The ones who believed they would be able to seamlessly combine employment with family life had greater risk for depression than those who had a “more realistic view.”
“You can happily combine child rearing and a career, if you’re willing to let some things slide,” says Katrina Leupp, a sociology graduate student who led the study.
The article, Less Depression for Working Moms Who Expect That They Can’t Do It All’, is available here.
Whether or not you are a parent, realize that you are capable of doing only do so much.  Getting the essential things done is more important than getting everything done.  Knowing what is essential can be a challenge, especially when you have multiple commitments.

What can you stop doing that will allow you to focus on your family and/or work more?  Click on Post a Comment, below, and tell us.

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