October 10, 2011

Living Large on Less

Last week I read the story of Joseph Fonseca, a writer who took an unusual path after graduating college.  Instead of looking for a conventional job, he decided to travel around the country and let his adventures inspire his writing. 
He lives on less than $20,000 a year, and can pack everything he owns into “four medium-size cardboard boxes, a suitcase and one over-the-shoulder bag.”

Obviously, this kind of life isn’t for everyone; however, he makes some good points about accumulating.

"Possessions tend to breed more possessions. Once I started ridding myself of them, it became clear just how little I needed and how easy it was to live without."
Fonseca is conducting this experiment in itinerant living for a reason.  He budgets his money very carefully and is always prepared for the “worst-case-scenario.” 

"The fact remains, though, budgeting is only half the story. Even the most fiscally responsible person is going to fall off track unless he has a purpose, a goal worth saving toward."
His goal is detailed on his 10 cities/10 Years blog. I’m guessing that we’ll see a book deal soon.

Could you live this way for even one year? Click on Post a Comment, below, and tell us.

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