May 15, 2012

Product Review – Out of Sight, Top of Mind

Clients often ask me for product suggestions to solve specific problems.  One of the objections I hear regularly is that they don’t want to file papers because they’re afraid they won’t find them.  Or, as many of them say, “Out of sight,  out of mind.”

I discovered a toolthat holds paper you need to access at specific times, allowing you to keep it out of sight, but available when you do need it.

For example, you get an invitation and you want to respond to it, but you think you might have another commitment that day.  Put the invitation behind a date for the week before responses are due.  You should know by then whether you’re available that day.

Sticking with the invitation example, you respond that you are attending but you want to keep the invitation because it has directions, along with the location and time.  Put the invitation behind the date of the event.  When you are ready to leave, you will find the information you need.

You can use the sorter to hold bills that need to be paid on a specific date or to remind you to follow up on an action.  You might have heard this technique referred to as using a “tickler” or “holding” file.

You can create the same effect by labeling 12 folders January through December and 31 folders 1 through 31.  I like the Smead Desk File/Sorter because it’s sturdy and it’s one piece.  You can keep it out on top of your desk, but I prefer to have it standing up in the front of the file drawer.

Of course, like any other tool, this one will only work if you create a habit around using it.  I suggest checking it daily, when you check your calendar in preparation for the next day. 

Have you used a tickler file?  Did you find it useful?  Click on Post a Comment, below, and tell us.

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