December 10, 2012

Product Review – Tool bench

I like to make things, I like to fix things and I like to put things away when I’m finished using them. Therefore, one of my very favorite things is my tool bench.

I bought it a few years ago and it made a huge difference in my basement. Previously, I had tins and plastic bins holding all the hardware, along with a flimsy metal toolbox for my tools. Everything was organized, it just wasn’t in one place.

After I purged all the pieces I didn’t want, I consolidated everything into the tool bench drawers. Each drawer has a designated purpose and I can find things very quickly.

The tool chest I bought looks like this one , but it doesn’t include a power strip. It does have a great work surface on the top, a pegboard on the side and compartments to place screws, nails and other tiny pieces when you’re working on a project.

It’s actually called a project center and that’s how it functions at my house. Along with providing me one central place for all my stuff, it allows me to set aside space for projects.

Do you like working on projects as much as I do? Where do you keep your tools and supplies? Click on Post a Comment, below, and tell us.

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