February 04, 2013

Thoughts on Cleaning (or Why My Sink is Like Your Clutter)

My house is pretty clean. I don’t like to spend time cleaning, so I don’t let big messes develop.

So, while I usually attack grime before it gets out of control, today I noticed the crusty growth around the kitchen faucet. Even though I wipe the faucet every time I wash dishes, there is something in the water that creates a nasty buildup around the faucet.

If I paid attention, I would clean it every time I cleaned the rest of the kitchen. Somehow, it escaped my notice.

As I scrubbed away at it, I thought that it related well to organizing:
  • It built up over time
  • I stopped noticing it
  • It would take time and several attempts before it would be cleared up
  • I need to work at regularly to keep it from coming back
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