July 15, 2013

Reader Question – What Do You Think of Yard Sales?

The number of yard sales on craigslist more than doubled in November 2008 from the same time in 2007. I’m guessing that the number has increased even more since those statistics were published.

Summer is peak yard-sale season and I get the same question from clients and readers: Do you think I should have a yard sale to get rid of my clutter?

I used to enjoy shopping at yard sales, but I don’t anymore because I don’t need anything. Of course, people will tell me it’s not about needing anything; it’s about what you might find! That’s a problem for fans of yard sales – filling your house with stuff you don’t need, won’t use and don’t have space for. Then you decide to have your own yard sale to dump all the stuff.

My personal experiences, along with those of my clients, has proved to me that hosting a yard sale is a highly time consuming event with little payoff. If you don’t mind spending a lot of time preparing for the sale, marking prices on things and haggling over small amounts of money, go for it. Some people actually enjoy the process; however, I don’t know anyone who has made a lot of money doing it. Unless you have desirable pieces of furniture, electronics and appliances, you probably won’t earn much.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, you can donate your clutter to a non-profit agency and possibly take a tax deduction. You can even get someone to pick up your stuff and leave a receipt.

If you are having a yard sale, consider calling a charitable organization to pick up the leftovers the next day. That way you won’t have it cluttering up your home until you decide to have another yard sale.

What do you think? Are yard sales a good investment of your time for the amount of money you earn?

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