October 14, 2013

Reader Question: Encouraging Someone Else to Declutter

Photo by Just2shutter
I was recently asked how to get someone else in the household to declutter. As you might guess, I hear that question often.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an easy answer.

It can be extraordinarily difficult to motivate another person to remove clutter. If that person is a child, you can set expectations and establish consequences if the expectations aren’t met. If the person is an adult, however, I suggest you come up with a definition of what “clutter” means to each of you and decide what level of clutter you can live with.

If your space allows, you can designate one area to remain cluttered (part of the basement, garage, attic, storage room, closet, etc.). If you agree to that, though, remember that the space is off limits to your decluttering efforts.

When I talk about relationships being more important than stuff, I’m usually encouraging people to let go of things. In this case, however, remember that arguing about stuff doesn’t create a positive relationship, either. It is up to both of you to find a solution that you can both agree with.

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