January 07, 2014

Love People, Not Things

Photo by Luigi Diamanti
As a professional organizer, I often find myself coaching clients about letting go of things they “love.” They can’t donate extra coffee mugs because they “love” them all. They can’t throw out a torn piece of clothing they “love” it.

I hear this plea all the time and I usually answer that the person doesn’t really love the object, but has strong feelings attached to memories of it.

Then I discovered my favorite casserole dish was chipped. How did it happen? Could I fix it? Can I still use it? I love that dish!

My situation is completely different. I’ve had it for 25 years and it came from a craft fair and it’s handmade and it can’t be replaced.

Sound familiar?

After my frenzied search for the chipped-off piece (which I did find, eventually), I remembered that although I really enjoy looking at and using the casserole, it’s just a thing. It canbe replaced and, in fact, I have a plain old Pyrex baker that I could use instead.

We all could use the reminder that things are fleeting; creating memories with people you care about is far more important.

Have you had an experience where you felt you couldn’t part with something?

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