October 13, 2014

Reader Question: Why am I so forgetful?

A reader told me that, like many people, she leaves things out so she doesn’t forget about them or she creates complicated systems for remembering to do things.

With everything you have going on, is it any surprise that you forget things?

The good news is that your forgetting is most likely not a sign of dementia. As you age, it simply takes your brain longer to recall information.

Setting up simple reminders and having systems in place will help you remember tasks. Developing habits allows you to put your mind on “autopilot” and saves energy for when you really need it.

Having less clutter means having fewer places to look when you can’t find something. It’s much easier to find things when you put them away. People tell me that they forget things once they’re unable to see them – the old “out of sight, out of mind” justification. If you think carefully about where you put things, however, and repeatedly put them back in the same place, you will be able to find them with little effort.

Start by designating a key spot. Put your keys in the same place every single time you come into your home. After a week or two you will automatically go to that spot for your keys. Once you have developed the key habit, do the same for other things you misplace – your glasses, phone, address book or TV remote.

Let me know if you are successful in creating a new habit and having one less thing to remember.

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