November 17, 2014

Shopping Tips

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No, I am not caving to retail pressure. I still contend that experiences and consumable gifts are best.

I do know, however, that a lot of you are going to be shopping next week, hoping to find great bargains.

Consumer Reports provides some tips to help you navigate the Thanksgiving shopping madness. (This is an article from 2013, so disregard the dates and listed “bargains.”)

Here are my favorite suggestions:

·       Not all Black Friday advertised items are great deals.

·       A low price on a lousy product is no bargain.

·       Before buying, find out the store’s return policy.

·       Make returns easier for recipients by including a gift receipt with gifts.

While you’re making your shopping lists, consider how you want to begin the season: fighting crowds for stuff or relaxing with a cup of coffee and a slice of pie?

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