May 11, 2015

Reader question – How to Make Time for Yourself

It seems that everyone is trying to fit more into each day. If you’re doing multiple tasks at the same time, skipping meals, sleeping less, depending on caffeine or nicotine to get you through the day, you’re neglecting yourself.

Yes, sometimes you have to work a little harder or do a little more to meet a deadline; however, when you become accustomed to operating in URGENT mode all the time, you are put unnecessary strain on your mind and body. This is serious – heart disease, diabetes, depression, anxiety and many other conditions are aggravated by stress.

A reader asked how to find time to relax, given that May is National Mental Health Month.

The truth is that you won’t “find” time for yourself, you have to schedule it or you’ll always find something that seems more important. You need to decide whether that phone call, email or text really is urgent, or if you can stop for a few minutes each day and find some stillness.

When you’re overwhelmed by stress, you benefit from having a selection of coping tools to fall back on. Your toolbox, if you will, contains activities you can rely on to calm you. It might include music, meditation, rituals, nature, exercise, deep breathing or prayer.
When I work with clients who experience distractibility,  I ask “Is this the best use of your time right now?” Ask yourself the same question when you’re feeling overwhelmed and need a break.

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