January 25, 2016

Quote: Organizing Isn’t Cleaning

People always ask if my house is extraordinarily clean. The answer is no. I don’t enjoy cleaning, so I don’t choose to spend a lot of time on it. You can’t eat off the floors and the windows don’t sparkle; my house is acceptably clean.

On the other hand, my house is extraordinarily well organized. If you ask where something is, I can locate it immediately. Getting to that point requires identifying a home for everything and the discipline to put them away.

Organizing is hard work - it entails a change of mind, heart, and action. 
– Marilyn Paul, Ph.D.

Having an organized home (or workspace) takes time and effort. It’s not a once-and-done task; however, after you set up your systems, it doesn’t take a lot of energy to maintain.

Which would you prefer to spend time on, cleaning or organizing?
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