January 12, 2015

Reader Question: Getting Started

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Seeing all of the information about Get Organized Month, a reader stated that she really wants to work on reducing her clutter, but doesn’t know how to start.

I hear the same concern every week from people who are overwhelmed by all the decisions they have to make.

My answer always is the same: Just start.

It doesn’t matter which room you start in or what type of clutter you start with; the important thing is to do something. Once you make the first move, you’ll feel better. You’ll gain confidence and be more motivated to continue.

If you’ve ever tried to change a habit (lose weight, quit smoking, start exercising, etc.), you know that starting is the hardest part.

Don’t spend a lot of time thinking and planning – that just increases the agony. If you feel like you need a guide, here are a few ways to start your decluttering process:

·        Start with the worst thing
·        Start with the easiest thing
·        Start with the fastest thing
·        Start with the hardest thing

Start small. Take one step today. You don’t have to create a magazine-perfect space; just put away five things that are out of place or spend five minutes sorting one drawer or one pile of paper. You can do this!

How do you motivate yourself to get started on a project?

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