January 05, 2015

Clean Off Your Desk Day

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The second Monday in January is Clean Off Your Desk Day.

While I try to keep my desk relatively clutter free, even I need to stop and reassess periodically.

Here’s what I’m doing today to start clearing off my desk:
  • A thank you card that was so cute I wanted to continue to enjoy it – posted on my bulletin board
  • A FAX that fell behind the printer (oops!) – shredded because the action was completed
  • Items for my etsy store – put in holding bins until I photograph and list them
  • Recipe for oven pancake – downloaded from the newspaper’s Web site and filed electronically

I bought a small cart yesterday to get my printer off my desk. Unfortunately, I have to put it together myself, which will take a few days. Otherwise, the quick fixes I put in place already have made a big impact on my desktop real estate.

What can you take off your desk by next Monday?
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