April 20, 2015

Earth Day and Decluttering

Decluttering and downsizing can create a lot of waste if your discards end up in the trash. Wednesday is Earth Day, which is a good time to think about what you’re contributing to the waste stream. You might not realize that there are ways to recycle lots more than glass, plastic, metal and paper.

Because people replace gadgets so quickly, electronic waste is a huge problem. Consider donating or selling those that still work. For outdated technology and broken items, some manufacturers offer free returns. Otherwise, you might be able to take them to a nearby drop-off center.

Call2Recycle can help you find places to recycle batteries and cellphones. Check with your local department of waste services for policies on disposing of electronic waste in your jurisdiction. You can help keep toxins out of the air and water by diverting your electronic waste.

Organized by MarcieTM: Save time and money by letting go of what you don't need and finding room for what you value
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